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My photos are taken with digital camera. I work with them on the computer, but only to crop, light / dark and contrast. The motive and the subject itself I decide when I shoot the picture.

Paintings and Mixed media.

Most paintings are painted with oil colours with a high content of pigments and canvas is, for me, the best to paint on. I use both brushes and spartles. I paint portraits with a sitting model, but mostly it's the imagination that controls what and how I paint.



Papier Mâché is the French name and in Denmark it is often called Papmache. I call it Paper Maché because it remains paper with glue, but not a pulp.
I have worked with paper maché for over 30 years. I use layers on layers, paper with glue built up on a skeleton of metal, wood, or whatever is best for just "that job". I paint the finished sculpture and lacquer it so no moisture can get into the paper machè.