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old About Jette

Arti2586Jette_Botschinsky.jpg Pictures from Jette´s life: Here

Jette Botschinsky is educated at the Academy of Free and Merkantil Art. Pupil of painter Otto Frello. Then privately taught by painter Victor Brockdorff.

Jette express herself in many techniques: oil painting, drawing, monotype, sculpture, photo

Inspiration for works is obtained from the West Coast of North Jutland, in Africa, Brazil and Thailand. All places where nature is strong.

Jette drove, with her partner, by car "overland" to Africa and resided in Ethiopia and Kenya, where she worked as an artist for almost 25 years.

People have always been Jette's great interest. Her animals are elephant and cheetah. Often integrated into the works.

Jette has exhibited at home and abroad on countless art associations, galleries, etc. Performed many public decorations. Illustrated children's books: "Ko-a-la-en Karlo from Ko-a-la Lumpur". "Leopard Leopold and the Flamingo Frede". Additionally, to the Rosenfeld legacy: "World Citizen in Denmark". And co-author of the book "The happy heart lives the longest" (Lindhart & Ringhof in 2007). Just to mention a few of Jette's long credit list.